Final countdown.

Had very eventful couple of weeks. Starting with the bad news – Marijke and the baby and three colleagues were in horrendous car crash last weekend, driving down to Livingstone for work. The car slipped off the road in heavy rain, flipped over, and the baby was thrown out of the window. They all came out alive, somehow, but I don’t they’ll get over the shock any time soon. I’ve seen what’s left of the car, it’s just a crumpled bit of metal. All very scary.

I had my last week in the office, but Edwin my colleague wasn’t around as he was on a course all week (NGO life is full of workshops, courses and ‘trainings’), so all felt a bit odd. I gave my presentation to the members, which I think went ok. I was ever so nervous, and it felt like a bit of an anti climax afterwards. Got one txt next morning to say that the presentaion was ‘magnificent and monumental’! Still more work to do though – work just never ends over here.

No complaints though – I’m in Livingstone (my god, did we drive carefully!), and have swam in the Zambezi River, right on the edge of the Victoria Falls. Awesome!

I’m staying in a backpackers, and feel like one of those aged, lone white female travellers. Most of the others here are like something from that film ‘The Beach’, loads of young, wealthy white kids bumming around. (Bitter? Moi?) Anyway, the good thing about being an aged, lone white female traveller is that we don’t give a shit. In fact, I’m about to go and order myself a bracing cup of tea – the proper stuff please, young man…


After delivering my presentation to a packed boardroom!

Me in front of Vic Falls

Standing in front of Vic Falls. Partly thinking, o my god this is awesome, but a little bit thinking o my god don't slip...

Gorge, Vic Falls

Believe it or not, this is a dead croc at the bottom of the gorge, what a way to go!

Vic Falls

Think this one speaks for itself...

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