The weekend

Last night it was my turn to cook – in fact my turn was overdue to be honest. Been putting it off due to challenges of kitchen, facilities, food – everything really. The kitchen is small-ish, but has only two-ring hob and microwave. Still, simple cooking means less washing up. Had best cockroach moment yet whan Marijke and I were doing dishes, as mid-conversation she spotted whopper, complete with antlers, above the window. Just as we were calling for Cosmas the *&!* thing jumped – well sort of half jumped half flew – and we both shrieked. Horrible, but also relieved I’m not the only one who doesn’t like them.

Some friends had called round so we were 5 for dinner, and I don’t know what they though of my food, which was pasta with a tomato and mushroom sauce, basically our staple diet at home. Think most nights I cook it’ll be pasta.

Had an hour’s lie-in this morning, up at 7.30am instead of 6.30am. Into the office for a bit while journalist came to interview staff about the Government’s lack of action on the housing crisis.

My hosts will probably go to church tomorrow morning, and I’ll probably sleep. Sleep’s tricky for several reasons. Partly because you can hear everything that’s happening in the house, and the house next door if it comes to that. Also because most people have dogs, I think for security, and they bark all night. Sometimes there’s a sort of dog orchestra, when one starts howling and then they all join in, for miles around – it would be really impressive if it wasn’t 4 o clock in the morning. It’s like something off Britains Got Talent. And then of course there’s the heat…

This is the hottest season, and everyone’s suffering, and talking about when the rains come. There are deep gullies either side of every road, but they’re full of leaves, branches and rubbish, and apparently they will become blocked and the roads will flood. But the worse thing is that many people’s homes will be swept away, as if the housing crisis wasn’t bad enough. And all I have to worry about is whether or not I should buy some wellies.

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